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Discussion on sludge incineration process route
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Sludge incineration is an effective sludge treatment process. With the continuous development of technology, high quality sludge incineration project should be the next goal. The following three come and we look into the future of sludge incineration process.

Sludge incineration process is divided into three kinds:

1.sludge drying to water content 30-40%, mixed with dewatered sludge of 80% water content of sewage plant.

Features: the process is simple; the calorific value of sludge keeps burning in a certain range. drying of sludge to solid content 60% - 70% after incineration.

Features: wide range of sludge calorific value, flexible control, self-sustaining combustion, but a longer process.

3.the sludge is not dried and burned directly.

Features: the process is simple, but the sludge can not maintain combustion, and need to use a certain amount of fuel.

In order to select the most suitable process, we should start from the sludge, mud and characteristics, follow-up process, technical maturity, equipment reliability, engineering cost, fuel supply and so on.

There are two kinds of semi - dry and wet methods for the treatment of flue gas in sludge incineration, of which the effect of wet treatment is better.

In addition to the process, as well as energy saving, equipment level, control systems and other aspects can be explored to improve the construction of high-quality sludge incineration project.

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