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Sanyuan of dry sludge pool effect
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The sludge drying tank is a good way to reduce the process cost, improve the sludge treatment efficiency, and facilitate the operation and management. Then, what are the functions of the sludge drying tank in the sludge drying technology? Sanyuan today comes and everyone some simple analysis.

1. remove moisture

The sludge drying tank removes most of the water content from the sludge by percolation or evaporation. It generally refers to the self evaporation facilities such as sludge drying field (bed).

2. hot air rotary disc dryer

The equipment will use hot air rotary vane dryer dry high viscosity sludge, sludge viscosity can be used according to different biaxial rotary vane dryer (vertical and horizontal), three axis rotary vane dryer (horizontal), the initial moisture content of less than 85% of the high wet material drying to a final moisture content below 12%, the drying time is short, generally 2-10 minutes.

Because of the high speed mixing, the blade can stir the damp material, and the wet material can contact the hot air well. The material in the first half of the water evaporates rapidly, and the hot air temperature in the machine drops rapidly. Therefore, even if the hot air is used, the temperature rise of the material is not high.

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