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Discharge and control of sludge drying waste gas and incineration flue gas
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Sludge drying and incineration can realize large-scale and industrial sludge treatment and disposal, and control the output of exhaust gas, so as to achieve environmental protection and energy saving. Sanyuan to share with you today is the emission and control of dry sludge and waste incineration flue gas.

1. sludge drying waste gas

The project of dry gas containing water vapor and carry the trace of dust, malodorous gases, volatile organic compounds, set the separator in the exhaust outlet of paddle dryer, the boiling point of malodorous gases, volatile organic compounds and water vapor, the volatile malodorous gases, organic matter and water vapor separation, malodorous gases, volatile organic compounds return to the burning kiln burning, a small amount of malodorous gases, water vapor and separation of volatile organic compounds directly into the flue gas scrubber by two level washing (washing and alkali washing, purification, deodorization) after discharge.

Exhaust gas after treatment of H2S and ammonia emissions for 0.1kg/h and 2.1kg/h respectively, <2000 (dimensionless odor concentration), with "pollution discharge standard" (GB14554-93) standard, and the incinerator exhaust chimney together by 40m.

2. burning flue gas

As a project of rotary kiln combustion equipment, flue gas after burning into the two combustion chamber further burning auxiliary combustion fuel for natural gas (standby diesel fuel), incineration flue gas in the exhaust gas purification device, incineration flue gas as the main component of soot, CO, SO2, HCl, NOx, Hg, Pb, Cd and other heavy metals and dioxin.

The flue gas pollution control measures of the project incinerator are: flue gas cooling + cyclone dust + activated carbon injection + bag dust + two stage washing process. After purification, flue gas is discharged through 40m high exhaust pump.

After treatment, the concentrations of pollutants in the flue gas purification system all meet the requirements of the standard for pollution control of municipal solid waste incineration (GB184852001).

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