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Sanyuan take you to understand many aspects of sludge incineration technology
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We know that the sludge stabilization and harmless is very important, but the real implementation of green processing is less and less, a proper disposal of sludge and sludge in the effective use of resources, improve the handling efficiency and reduce the cost of disposal and disposal technology has become the focus of attention of the industry, Sanyuan today to take all of you from the aspects of understanding sludge incineration technology.


Sludge incineration (sludge incineration) is a process for sludge disposal. The utility model uses the incinerator to heat and dry the dewatered sludge, and then the organic substance in the sludge is oxidized at high temperature so as to make the sludge become a small amount of ashes.

Incineration, landfill and resource utilization are three conventional sludge treatment methods. Incineration technology is adopted abroad, but it is easy to cause air pollution because of huge investment. The application of sludge incineration directly after drying wet sludge is more common. It is not only difficult to direct incineration without dry sludge, but also very uneconomical in energy consumption.

Sludge treatment method by incineration as the core is one of the most thorough treatment of sludge method, it can make all the organic carbonization, kill pathogens, can minimize sludge volume; but its disadvantage is that the processing facilities of large investment, high cost, high maintenance costs, but also produce strong carcinogenic dioxins.

Processing step:

First, the sludge is removed through the sludge pump from the two clarifier to another tank, thus separating the supernatant from the supernatant. Because the water content of the original sludge usually reaches 99.5%, the sludge must be concentrated and there are many practical ways to reduce the volume of sludge. For example, mechanical processes such as vacuum filtration and centrifugation are usually used before disposal of sludge in semi solid form. Usually, these methods are the preparation of sludge incineration treatment. If biological treatment is planned, most of them are concentrated by gravity sedimentation or by air flotation. The sludge corresponding to these two conditions is still fluid.

After the sludge is digested, the organic matter in the sludge can be removed and the sludge volume can be further reduced. Next, the sludge needs disposal. A variety of methods can be used to effectively dispose of sludge. These include incineration, sanitary landfills and fertilizer and soil amendments. Raw sludge can be used for incineration and can effectively reduce moisture content.

Treatment of oily sludge:

A variety of methods can be used to treat oily sludge. Chemical and physical methods such as incineration, chlorine oxidation, ozone oxidation and combustion; biological processes such as bioremediation and conventional composting.

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