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Discussion on mechanism and common equipment of sludge drying technology
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Guangzhou City, the "siege of sludge" has been the urgent problem to be solved, it is understood that the completion of the sewage treatment plant of dry sludge reduction facilities are still in the minority, should accelerate sludge reduction work, completely solve the problem of sludge in Guangzhou city. Sludge drying can be effectively realized, so how much do you know about the technology? Today is to introduce Sanyuan and sludge drying technology and mechanism of common types of equipment.

1. mechanism

Sludge drying is the removal of water by evaporation and diffusion of two processes, two processes continuously and alternately, basically reflect the drying mechanism, but the majority of water in the sludge into bound water and cell water, the evaporation and diffusion rate is affected by the properties of sludge, the equipment should be based on the structure, characteristics and requirements of dry sludge carefully, drying machine capacity allocation.

2. commonly used device types

Sludge thermal drying is divided into three types according to the contact mode of heat sludge and sludge: direct heat transfer type (heat convection type), indirect heat transfer type (heat conduction type), direct indirect combined heating type. Among them, the direct drying equipment, spray drying machine, drying machine, belt type drying machine; indirect drying equipment blade dry machine, disc type drying machine, drying machine, thin drum type drying machine; direct indirect heating equipment with mixed joint belt type sludge drying machine, sludge drying machine etc..

In addition to the traditional drying schools, some new technologies have also been gradually applied in engineering, such as solar greenhouse sludge drying, sludge electrodialysis, deep dehydration, thermal hydrolysis of sludge + dehydration, drying, etc.. In recent years, the sludge treatment and disposal showed great leap forward development, but still restricts the dry incineration technology by location, size, heat, sludge characteristics, economy, efficiency and degree of drying conditions, the traditional thermal drying technology is still the mainstream.

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