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Four system devices
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Water containing 75% sludge pumping system

1,suitable for sludge, meals, drugs, mud, slime and other non Newtonian fluid pumping material, high pressure and large changes;

2,hydraulic as a power source, you can control in all directions, torque stability, adjustable;

3,suitable for pumping a small amount of debris in the material;

4,save space and beautiful layout.

Vertical spiral system containing 75% sludge

1, suitable for dewatering sludge and solid waste transport like food than Fen etc.

2, vertical rotary carriage and Agkistrodon "by using the common hydraulic station hydraulic as power;

3, apply to vertical height of 10 meters, level within 20 meters;

4, apply to a small amount of debris in the material, crushing, mixing and other occasions;

5, easy maintenance, small maintenance, equipment investment.

Patent number: 3498300

Water containing 50% sludge conveying system

1, through the hydraulic sliding rack blanking, no congestion, low power consumption;

2, according to the characteristics of the sludge, the special design of double rotary viper;

3, through the program expert system, automatic blanking, energy-saving operation.

Patent number: 3498059

Water containing 60% sludge pumping system

1,the plate and frame sludge pumping possible;

2,Feed through positive spiral positive pressure feeding;

3,Push through compound oil cylinder and hydraulic gate;

4,apply to a small amount of debris in the material, crushing, mixing and other occasions.

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