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Structure and application of three kinds of sludge incinerator
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In the process of sludge incineration, we have to mention the sludge incinerator, which can be divided into fluidized bed incinerator, vertical multistage incinerator and counter rotating incinerator. These three kinds of incineration furnace from the structure and use of different, today to Sanyuan and you to simply introduce.

1. fluidized bed incinerator

Composition: consisting of a porous plate.

Process: a large amount of quartz sand is added into the furnace, and the quartz sand is heated to more than 600 degrees, and the hot air at the bottom of the furnace is injected into the hot air above 200 degrees centigrade. The hot sand is boiled up and then thrown into the waste. The rubbish boils along with the hot sand, and the waste is soon dry, fire and burned.

Unburned garbage is lighter, continue to burn garbage burning, a larger proportion fell to the bottom, after the water cooling, the separation equipment will be slag coarse to fine slag outside the factory, a small amount of secondary slag and quartz sand by lifting equipment sent back to the incinerator to continue to use.

2. vertical multistage incinerator

Features: the furnace is compact in structure and flexible in operation. It is suitable for incineration of various sludge.

Process: the sludge drying furnace top multi section and burning, gas burning after the rise in the furnace at the top, and in water drying stage rate of mud cake 65%-75% reverse contact to a deodorization effect on gas.

3. counter current rotary incinerator

Features: arrange along the furnace body with cooling water pipe or refractory material, the furnace body is placed horizontally and slightly inclined.

Process: through shaft turning, the furnace body waste combustion, while moving to the furnace tilt direction, until the burn and discharge furnace.

From the data of the past ten years, we can see that the proportion of sludge incineration in the total sludge disposal has risen year by year, and we believe that the future development is more and more broad!

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