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Strengthening the safety work of sludge incineration power generation project department
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Safety is the biggest welfare workers, security is the safe production of the enemy. Safety is the worker's life, and we must nip it in the bud. Sanyuan to take a look at is how to strengthen the safety work of the power project Department of sludge incineration today.

Draw lessons from past accidents, take effective measures, intensify supervision, and strengthen safety management of construction site. The weekly meeting, after class before the class time, learning organization construction personnel safety regulations and precautions, supervise the construction personnel wearing safety helmets, fasten the safety belt, do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, don't hurt by others.

Project department regularly organize personnel, in-depth construction site for surprise checks, illegal personnel to inform the exposure, and construction and illegal personnel for economic penalties.

The sludge incineration power generation project department shall regularly organize personnel to carry out safety inspection activities. Key inspection boiler workshop, Steam Turbine workshop, coal handling workshop and other safety key parts. For the safety work carried out, not as a mere formality, the project department to arrange on the bridge at welding, building blocks, the installation of doors and windows, equipment assembly and other locations, once found signs of being illegal, immediately shut down for rectification, effectively put all kinds of security risks in the bud.

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