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Cultural heritage day cited concern scholars call activation protection
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Today is the Ninth Chinese cultural heritage day. All kinds of activities have been carried out all over the country, and practical actions have been taken to protect the cultural heritage. In particular, the protection of traditional villages has attracted much attention. Nanjing University School of government teacher and scholar Yao Yuan said in an interview with reporters, the need to protect traditional village government departments, academic strength and other factors to form a cohesive force, not just the traditional villages to protect cultural heritage, after all is to allow local residents to benefit from protection, improve local people's livelihood, true to the traditional villages of this culture the legacy alive"."

It is understood that the cultural heritage day is in December 22, 2005 the State Council issued the "Notice of the State Council decided to set up" on the strengthening of the protection of cultural heritage: since 2006, the second Saturday of June each year for the "cultural heritage day China". English: Chinese, cultural, heritage, day.

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