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Antibiotic residue problem: enterprises can not burn, it can not afford
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"At present, the entire antibiotic industry is hovering around the cost line. Bidding, procurement, the implementation of new drug GMP, limiting antibiotic abuse, basic drugs, electronic regulatory codes and other costs, together, the basic production of antibiotics do not make money, and some enterprises even loss of production. A penicillin market price of not more than 20 Fen, to come up with a few billion processing mycelium residue, enterprise how to bear?" An industry expert said.

Earlier, enterprises will waste mycelium inactivated as feed and fertilizer to sell, how much can increase revenue. Now, according to the requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection, not only no income, but also a great deal of processing costs, enterprises lack the implementation of power.

In pharmaceutical and environmental protection experts, there are also all mycelium incineration obstacles in practice. First of all, the amount of mycelium residue is very large. Statistics show that North China Pharmaceutical has talked with the local waste incineration plant, talked for two years, have not reached an agreement.

Secondly, antibiotics residue (dry basis) of proteins and other organic matter content as high as 90%, directly is a tremendous waste of resources and disposal of sludge incineration, incineration will produce sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and dioxins, also inevitably produce peculiar smell.

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