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Antibiotics, residue, comprehensive utilization, countermeasure
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First, increase environmental protection law enforcement efforts

Since 1997, the state of environmental pollution more seriously, "environmental protection law" has been promulgated, antibiotic fermentation by-product emissions manufacturers to control pollution from the perspective of governance, and urge them to change the traditional thinking, and harm into turning waste into treasure.

Two, strengthen the policy of antibiotic residue utilization

Guide SDA with do feed together, first of all antibiotics manufacturers by-product of searching and queuing, give policy support to waste development projects, loans, tax and other projects, comprehensive utilization of the production of feed yeast project Lukang antibiotic residue has been included in the provincial economic and Trade Commission, shall be exempted from income tax, this is a good experience, worthy of promotion in the country.

Three, increase scientific and technological inputs for the use of antimicrobial residues

Relevant institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, can help enterprises to carry out the comprehensive development and utilization of resources, and obtain economic and social benefits from.

Four, vigorously promote the comprehensive treatment of mushroom residue project

In view of its scientific use of results, nationwide paid promotion, so that it could maximize the resource utilization, environmental and social benefits of great.

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