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The harm of food waste
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Food waste, commonly known as hogwash, is formed in the life of residents in the process of consumption of domestic waste, perishable, stench, spread of bacteria and viruses. Food waste mainly consists of rice and flour, food residue, vegetables, animal and vegetable oils, meat and bones. The chemical composition consists of starch, cellulose, protein, lipids and inorganic salts. The main features of the kitchen is rich in organic matter content, high water content, perishable, the characters and the smell would cause adverse effects on the environment and health, easy growth of pathogenic microorganisms, mycotoxins and other harmful substances.   

Due to Chinese had no special food waste management regulations, some food waste without handling pigs, or by unscrupulous traders recycling waste oil refining (drainage oil), or with ordinary life with garbage landfill.

1, the use of untreated food waste can easily lead to the spread of disease to pigs.

Catering industry food waste generated and perishable food waste may contain a variety of bacteria, directly without treatment of livestock and poultry, will bring harm to human health through animal toxins, the accumulation of harmful substances, resulting in cross infection between adult animal, therefore, dangerous form of the food chain transfer and diffusion of huge hidden pathogen the. The United States, Canada, the European Union and many other countries have formulated many laws prohibit the use of pigs without directly food waste disposal.

2, refining drainage oil is harmful to human health.

"Drainage oil" contains aflatoxin, benzene and other toxic substances, through illegal means to return to the table, place for human consumption can cause chronic diseases and even cancer, causing great harm to people's health.

3, the pollution of the environment.

Because of perishable food waste, can make it difficult to accept the bad feelings, such as smell. Leftovers soup, rancid water content of the food and beverage industry food waste generated in large, easy way in the collection and transport of leakage, affect the city environment. Food waste is directly treated by landfill, which can cause serious pollution of groundwater.

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