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Sludge incineration and drying -- the final disposal of domestic sewage sludge
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Sludge incineration is the mainstream technology for treating sludge in developed countries, which can rapidly reduce sludge and realize the reuse and reuse of sludge.

Anaerobic digestion and aerobic digestion have realized the stabilization and harmlessness of municipal solid sludge, while sludge incineration and drying are the final disposal of sewage sludge. Heat drying means drying the sludge with heat energy. After drying, the sludge is granular, and the volume is only 1/5 to 1/4 of the original. The water cut is much lower, which is good for storage and transportation. The effect of high temperature sterilization on the drying process is obvious, and the sludge performance is comprehensively improved.

Drying treatment technology has high energy consumption and high cost. If the methane produced by anaerobic digestion can be fully utilized, methane can be used to dry the sludge, and waste treatment will be realized.

Sludge incineration can be reduced to a maximum extent, not only for the sludge to create conditions, but also fully consume the energy of sludge. But the shortage is high costs and pollution, waste gases and radiation.

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