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One of the sludge treatment and disposal technologies in China: sludge incineration
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Sludge incineration sludge treatment and disposal at home and abroad is one of the technologies in our country, resource utilization at the present stage of the sludge, no matter from the construction technology and the industry chain is still in the exploratory stage, the sludge incineration and landfill will become the main channel of sludge disposal in China in a certain period of time.

According to local conditions, due to mud system is the basic guidelines for the choice of technology, suggestions in eastern China suggest relatively western landfill incineration, in line with national conditions, also have the maneuverability.

With the continuous development and application of new technology, industrial policy continues to mature, in the conditions of the region, should be bold attempt the utilization of sludge, and gradually find suitable for China's industrial development mode of sludge, the formation of the industrial chain.

China's sludge incineration price of about 400~500 yuan / ton, landfill storage price is about 50~100 yuan / cubic meter, can be converted according to the sludge density.

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