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Process flow of food waste treatment
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1 、 pretreatment mechanical sorting system

Effect of pretreatment of the sorting system is not biodegradable plastics, such as glass, stone, bone, shell, wood, metal, silk etc. are automatically sorted out, in order to ensure the processing of food waste resources smoothly.

2 、 Industrial grease equipment system

Industrial equipment includes collecting and oil pumping device, flocculant adding machine, heat exchanger, horizontal separator, vertical separator, spiral machine, transmission device and equipment of acid hydrolysis saponification salting out, the main function is to realize the separation of oil, liquid slag and water in closed condition, low solid content and wastewater CODCr, the maximum increase the utilization rate of oil recovery.

3、 anaerobic fermentation system

This system is the core of food waste processing, including waste acceptance, gravel filtration, precipitation separation, biogas anaerobic mesophilic digestion, centrifugal dehydration, biogas, biogas, biogas desulfurization gravel filter storage, biological deodorization etc, finally generate biogas, compound organic fertilizer, industrial oil. The whole treatment process is completed under the closed condition, which can achieve zero pollution and zero emission.

4、 Generation process

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