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Food waste treatment process description
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Food waste treatment process:

If the material is added manually or mechanically, the equipment can be run continuously for 24 hours after the material has been added and the operating parameters are set up in advance. After 24 hours of continuous treatment, 96% of the food waste is metabolized into steam and biological energy, and 4% of the residue is discharged.

Principles of kitchen waste treatment:

According to the characteristics of food waste containing organic matter and nutrient rich protein, into the spore state DM activator and create good working conditions, and then use the food waste activated by microbial fermentation and rapid decomposition.

In order to speed fermentation equipment using automatic auxiliary heating temperature, stirring and the preheated air supply in the process of operation, the humidity was adjusted to 60% by fermentation decomposition, in a short period of 12 to 24 hours will be processed into useful materials.

Greatly reduce the volume of food waste to 10 - 20%, water down to less than 15%, the finished product is fermented aromatic, golden objects. The whole working state is kept in the sealed container of the best fermentation activity, without the pollution of sight and smell, and no waste, waste liquid and waste gas are generated in the process of two pollution.

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