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Kitchen waste treatment equipment and its parameters 双语对照
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Food waste treatment equipment is used in food waste fermentation process to pour, fill oxygen and mix thoroughly. It can ensure the full fermentation of the material and shorten the fermentation cycle. It is the main equipment for food waste treatment. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy operation, and different models can be designed according to different processing quantities, so as to ensure the maximum retention of nutrients after fermentation and achieve the purpose of recycling.

Process description:

Equipment use organic conditioner and native food waste, adjust the moisture content to meet the conditions of fermentation, stir in the fermentation chamber for a period of time, oxygen supply, automatic temperature measurement and control equipment, heating, the cabin environment suitable for kitchen waste fermentation, decomposition and transformation, in a short period of 12-24 hours. The treatment is beneficial and harmless feed or fertilizer.

Fermentation product quality parameter:

Products: water is less than or equal to 15%;

Raw nutrient loss rate: less than 10%;

Beneficial microorganisms: = 200 million / g;

Ascaris eggs, Escherichia coli killing rate: 99.99%;

Is rich in protein, amino acids, trace elements of various animals and plants must;

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