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The upgrading of environmental industry from product and brand
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Over the past fifteen years, China's municipal sewage industry has developed very rapidly, experienced a growth of industry from scratch, from small to large industrial splendor. In 2000, more than 400 sewage treatment plants, today has grown to more than 4000. Sewage treatment rate has increased from 30% to more than 90%, sewage treatment capacity from about 20000000 tons / day to the scale of the current 200 million / day scale.

Where is the industry's confusion?

This development process, we also see the industry's confusion.

The impact of low competition. There has been a price of more than 7 tons / ton of underground sewage treatment plants, and even the price of 3 tons / ton, which was unthinkable before.

And more from the outside industry "barbarians" continue to enter the environmental protection industry, but also to the industry has brought great challenges. In other industry downturn, shrinking economy situation, more and more enterprises begin to enter the industry stampede in the environmental protection industry, especially the urban industry, there seems to be the "barbarians" paradise, these phenomena, in essence, our industry is not a real industry threshold.

Scale and brand dislocation, low barriers to industry. From an industrial point of view, the municipal sewage industry, in the industry, the difference between professional and non professional companies?. More than 10 years ago, when the initiative just listed, many enterprises are not very optimistic about the industry, that the initiative does not understand water, but a little money melted. But now we see that the initiative not only developed, but also developed well, and even became the leader.

Now, groups such as Zhongjian, China Railway and Gezhouba Dam are also beginning to bring more money into the industry. There are still a lot of people laughing at their ignorance of technology, but how much do we know ourselves?. Because the real Brand Company industry did not appear, there is no industry threshold, a lot of money can not be earned outside the industry, enterprises will go into our industry. Municipal sewage industry has also encountered the development of the ceiling, the greater demand is opening.

In the same way, let's look at the mobile phone and the automotive industry.

Mobile phone industry brand and product brand is consistent, whether it is apple 4, apple 7, or domestic star HUAWEI.

The car industry is the same. A good industry leader, must have a clear brand, with the threshold of its own industry and technology characteristics, a layman's company is difficult to comprehensive intervention, but disruptive companies will also appear, like the Tesla cut in the automotive industry, millet is also like this, but a common feature of these enterprises is industrialization is very good, the company brand and product brand together.

Our industry, brands, and products are often separate. Beikong is the municipal areas of the company, and whether it is an advanced wastewater treatment plant or underground sewage treatment plant and so on many brands to Beikong rely on, this is not scientific.

A high degree of industrialization of the industry, must be the company brand and product brand completely consistent. Many leading companies in our industry is money cheap, good relations, large scale, but once to a more rich, better, larger companies may industry there will be some disruptive, so now our industry scale and the brand is a kind of dislocation, the dislocation is very serious.

At the same time, the industry is also facing homogeneous and low-priced competition, because there is no brand logo, Party A can not do a good job of identification. For example, a Shanghai Academy of engineering design, engineering equipment, etc. may be in complete, integrated and may be another company to complete the project, may get played integrator, but money can get the project. This makes low-cost and homogeneous vicious competition inevitable.

Six processes of industrial transformation

Let's take a look at the transformation of the industry.

Technology research and development is the first step, the need to continue to pursue technological breakthroughs. From "75" to "13th Five-Year", put a lot of research funds, the emergence of a large number of research projects, this is the first step of industrial transformation. Unfortunately, most of the technology was shelved and money spent didn't get used. A technique can not be applied immediately, but also to promote the design of Master Zhang Chen, Institute of design is the key link, China is a powerful engineering and municipal areas is also a world power, basically covering all units. This is from technology research and development to engineering. But we often put engineering analogy into industrialization, industrialization is led by entrepreneurs, is to leave a product, the master can also build up. Each product needs to be completed by a high level of people, according to the standardized assembly line for continuous, large-scale production, where no deformation. In fact, our industry technology industry do very weak, no more service industry, sewage treatment plant or waste treatment plant or no real industry, is still in engineering construction. Industrial operation requires a stable, non deformation output. Industrialization is the result of production, but with products, not just the market, but also competitive.

Therefore, after the commercialization of products, a product can not sell, the price is not appropriate, there will be no market. This shows that the market and industrialization is not the same thing, with the product, but also competitive, you can get a greater share, which is commercialization, market-oriented.

With the brand, but also large-scale, if not formed a certain scale, it can not enter the capital market. Now, many environmental protection enterprises are also in the capital market

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