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Innovative thinking of environmental industry
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The environment industry is in an age of change

1, the external environment

economic transition

System reform far-reaching impact, we see the two years of documents issued than in the past ten years more, affecting almost all aspects of our industry. Our Party A (local government, manufacturing enterprises) and the state-owned assets investment mode, land price mode, PPP cooperation, etc., we found that the external environment is changing. We can not walk according to the original industry established pattern, even if hard go will head broken and bleeding. We need change, and this situation is forced by the external environment.

New supply

Recently there is a hot word, new supply, the State Council forwarded an investment group file, nearly two years of investment problems, government procurement problem, PPP problem, the wind seems to be a little transformation, and investment in statistics. As a matter of fact, the new supply I understand is not the new supply at the government level, but the new supply of industrial problems under the new market mechanism of our government, and it can not return to our planned economy. Too many administrative interventions are now out of demand. In times of insufficient supply, government led investment is very effective. In the era of oversupply, the government's irrational market intervention is not really new supply, the new supply should be based on the market, based on demand, based on customers.

Internet plus

Internet plus three changes: (1) change time. (2) let the space become bigger. (3) change the interpersonal relationship. This let us waste trade structure, between the government and the public, we form between industries, supply form will change, so today we call theme of ecological transformation, the past is a prison, closed market. Now, in this context, cooperation among our enterprises, win-win situation, symbiosis has become more urgent.

Capital wandering

We know when the economy is good, most of the enterprises can make money, and now found that the industry can make less money, capital nowhere to go, began to wander. So now you will find a lot of imbalances, entities lack money, Party A's local government is short of money, but the capital market is money, the central money. This mismatch in the local government as the main responsibility for the environmental protection industry, particularly prominent.

The situation facing the environmental protection industry is that almost all external factors are changing. Different people have different understanding of the good or bad of the industry, but change is the theme of the times.

2, the internal environment

From the inside of the industry, there is a serious industrial mismatch. The lower the burning costs of municipal solid waste incineration, the lower the cost of municipal wastewater treatment. Such things will become more and more, become a normal. The configuration is not entirely configured by the market, but by the government. Where is the waste incineration plant built? What specifications will be built? When will it be built? They are not configured according to the market demand. In the middle of the allocation, the local government has seriously neglected the real demand, thus resulting in the dislocation of assets and the dislocation of assets affecting the industry. The cost of the enterprise is bankruptcy, which is more serious than that of the operating income. So we see the local oversupply, but there are many industrial blind areas have not done, or did not do in the form of industry. Because it can not be done purely by government behavior and enterprise behavior, there will be some blind spots. Some enterprises will find blind spots in a timely manner and develop rapidly, but the discovery of blind areas needs industry innovation. If you follow only the baton of government, you will always be passive in the position of dislocation and oversupply.

A good entrepreneur should discover your blue ocean and discover the key points of the mismatch. In terms of demand, but also see the government will strengthen, this is the environmental protection agency forced, "spend other people's money to do other people's affairs" is not the government's willing, this is forced by the people. But the ability to pay for local governments is fading.

As a result, the industry's accounts receivable are increasing and the statements look good, but in reality the business is fragile because it does not have very good cash flow support. In the structure of the transaction and the absence of legislation, said the purchase of public service for many years, in fact the real coverage is very narrow, paid by the local area of the ability of payment, by the local finance 10% purchases cap.

In addition, the future trend of PPP policy is also very uncertain.

Analyzing this change, I would like to draw a conclusion: "industry mismatches are serious and changes are inevitable."".

3, look at our age in three dimensions

Value orientation Era

We know that the early stage of the environmental industry is to transport pollutants out, so it is the sanitation industry, drainage industry, its value is the transfer of pollutants. Later, with the garbage treatment, sewage treatment industry, itself is doing harmless, reducing, stabilizing. We can do in a certain field, there are many listed companies are doing harmless, future environmental field, especially in the field of solid waste is the value orientation of value increment, which is ecological judgment. Resources, energy and material in the field of solid waste, the need for effective use, this is the future trend of the value of mining. Where is the point of innovation? I think we can not simply follow the baton of local government, and we need to seek industrial innovation in the market demand.

Industry restructuring power

The environmental industry in the past is passive, the government is the leading industry, basically is the government issued a paper, we herd is the market, not issued a document on the market is not. For the industry, itself is passive. Now the market is interactive, and many markets are not

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