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How should we select and evaluate a lot of sludge technology routes?
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As a derivative of sewage treatment, sludge has always been a "pain spot" in the water treatment industry". At the same time, along with the rapid development of water treatment industry, the sludge problem has continued to "ferment", which has aroused great concern in the industry. While dealing with sludge disposal work in various areas, they often face the confusion of technical choice. The discussion in the April 13th eleventh hot water treatment industry hot technology forum, chaired by Professor Wang Wei of Tsinghua University School of environment science and technology, deputy general manager Zhong Xiaohong, deputy director of the Beijing drainage group science and technology research and development center Zhang Shujun, deputy general manager Chen Lei Baan water, Suez water engineering Technology Asia Marketing Manager Shi Ping "sludge technology selection and applicability assessment issues in-depth exchange of rings.

Principles of technology selection

Wang Wei: Professor of Tsinghua University School of environment in sludge treatment technology, countries in the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period to give a lot of support, including water projects, 863, science and technology colleges are doing a lot of research. Enterprises in the field also have great input, regardless of sludge dewatering, drying, digestion, composting and incineration, a variety of technologies have been studied, developed and applied in China, and there are practical cases. As for most cities, the biggest confusion facing us is: how to distinguish and choose so many technologies? I talk about some of their own point of view, sludge disposal target includes: protect the environment: decomposition of pollutants removal, the sludge minimization Technology: reliability and safety management; system security, efficient, reliable, continuous and stable production; advanced technology: technological innovation, improve the efficiency and effect of treatment, reduce the energy consumption. Consumption, reduce processing costs; resource recovery: the conversion of recycling products, such as power generation, heating, fuel, fertilizer, building materials etc.. In accordance with this goal, the selection of sludge technology should follow the principles of safety, reliability, sophistication and resource recovery. In addition, the sludge characteristics, geographical location, environmental conditions and the level of economic and social development in different areas are different. The sludge industry needs not a single technology, but the overall solution. This is my understanding of the selection principle of sludge treatment technology. Please also talk about your views.

Ring technology deputy general manager Zhong Xiaohong: I think it is sewage or sludge treatment, in fact, the most fundamental point, or to the environment to make judgment to harmless and eliminate pollution as the most important goal. In order to ensure the harmless of sludge, we can consider the utilization of sludge further. Some technologies have overemphasized the utilization of resources and misled local governments and enterprises to see only economic benefits, without paying attention to the environmental protection objectives of sludge treatment and disposal. I think this approach is simply.

North row group science and technology research and Development Center Deputy Director Zhang Shujun: I think we should first consider the safety, disposal of the sludge can be the pursuit of resources and economic benefits, but first of all to ensure the surrounding environment and human health will not produce harmful effects. In addition, the selection of technology should avoid the pursuit of advanced technology, but ignore the economy and reliability of technology. Finally, sludge treatment technology should be selected according to local conditions, the system of long-term interests, prevent blindly follow the trend, such as some big city land shortage for the incineration process, but the sludge disposal in some towns the choice may be more suitable for aerobic composting.

Baan water deputy general manager Chen Lei: Baan water is a professional engaged in environmental protection and energy in the field of intelligent services, and can provide a full range of technical solutions for customers. From an enterprise point of view, we are more concerned about recycling and recycling. In Qingpu we invest in Shanghai sludge drying plant project as an example, this project adopts our dry sludge co generation technology, mainly by the steam power plant dry sludge, transported to the power plant and coal mixed with dried sludge after power, fully meet the objective of circular economy. In the light of the principle of technical choice, I think the environmental problem is the most important, and then there will be recycling.

Suez Water Engineering Technology Asia Marketing Manager Shi Ping: we have always stressed that the disposal decision process route, but in the actual operation process often because the sludge is not clear to the way the technology route selection problem. The first is the sludge pollutant, safe way should be put in the first place, the choice of technology to carry out the principle, on the basis of this if it is possible to consider the resources, enhance the efficiency of innovation from the technical level, but the safety is always the first. For example, Shanghai, after several years of practice, to determine the waste incineration harmless as the main line of treatment technology, is the most suitable choice for the actual situation at this stage.

The role of government 

Wang Wei, Professor of the school of environment, Tsinghua University: what kind of technology does the government have to decide on the treatment and disposal of sludge?. In addition, what role should the government play in the process of selecting the suitability of the sludge?

Baan water deputy general manager Chen Lei: I think the government should play a role in three aspects: first, the government should be in the technical route of market guidance; the second is the cost problem, need the government to formulate and implement the sludge treatment and disposal fee policy, provide more subsidies and preferential conditions; third, supervision is an important duty of the government to the same bear.

Zhong Xiaohong, vice president of science and technology of ring: I think the government should establish a complete technical management system, and do a good job of technical management. When everyone is swarming

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