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Winter came, sewage treatment plant operation management measures, see this article is enough!
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How cold is the north?

The cold climate in the northern frigid zone makes the operation of winter sewage treatment plant different from the sewage treatment plant in other latitudes. Today, we come to sum up several winter running experiences of a sewage treatment plant in North China. We hope to have some reference for the operation of the sewage treatment plant in winter.

Taking the actual operation management of a sewage treatment plant for 7 years in winter in Harbin as an example, a comprehensive analysis and summary is made on its winter operation management.

A sewage treatment plant in Harbin city design scale of daily processing 325 thousand tons of sewage, the annual maximum temperature of 39.1 degrees, the minimum temperature of -39.9 DEG C, the winter months the average temperature of -19.8 DEG C, frozen for a period of 4 months, the depth of frozen soil 2.05m. The sewage treatment process used for the primary treatment adopts natural sedimentation method, and the two stage adopts activated sludge process and A/O process.

How should winter be managed?

Main problems and solutions of equipment running in winter

1,Mechanical grille

Winter running reaction is the largest mechanical grid, for frequent breakdown, the personnel on duty can not operate normally, the slag removal efficiency is not high, the gate section decreased before the gate level is too high, cause water resistance, directly affect the water flow and the water pipeline flow, causing pump frequent opening and the production workshop. Poor internal drainage pipe to take water phenomenon.

The main reasons for the winter running of mechanical grille are as follows: the humidity in winter is larger, the humidity is much, and the temperature is too low at night. The mechanical grid limit switch is frozen and the mechanical grille can not work properly.

Solution: in the housing structure, characteristics of the equipment on the grid to give full consideration to the winter operation mechanical grid exists inside the building, the moisture control operation cabinet serious corrosion problems, considering the technical measures of natural ventilation in the housing structure, housing in the top 6 increase Taiwan fan, ensure that moisture within the facility from the roof to natural discharge, reducing the limit switch freezing times, to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical grid.

It is suggested that the ventilation of the mechanical grid in winter should be taken into full consideration in the cold area of the northern part of the sewage treatment plant, so as to prevent the freezing of equipment.

The 2 and semi indoor conveying device is provided with a mechanical conveying device

The sludge dewatering plant is designed as sludge hopper, and the sludge produced by the dewatering machine of the two floor workshop is naturally discharged to the sludge transport vehicle on the first floor by the principle of gravity.

In winter, when the temperature is too low, the sludge and sludge in the sludge are often frozen, resulting in clogging of sludge hopper and seriously affecting the normal production operation.

Solution: the original sludge bucket demolition, installation of 4 sets of screw conveyor in the sludge outlet of sludge will be produced by the output of the screw conveyor, in after the transformation, the operation effect is very good, several winter never happened because of the sludge outlet ice jam and affect the normal production of the phenomenon.

It is suggested that the sewage treatment plant in the northern high cold area should be fully considered during the winter, and the semi interior conveying device and the outdoor conveying device will be set up as mechanical conveying devices.

3,installing insulation device in the sludge pool and sludge thickening tank on the northern high cold area

At the initial stage of operation, sludge tank and sludge thickening tank in winter icing phenomenon, the ice thickness reaches 50cm, resulting in the sludge thickening tank weir plate all due to expansion of frozen and severe variant, and structures by ice expansion force also increases the risk of damage to the surface of the sludge tank, causing ice tank sludge sludge pump at the time of the failure can not be normal hanging out of repair, seriously affect the normal production, caused great security risk to the safety in production.

Through the analysis of the main reason for the icy winter outdoor temperature is low, the sludge pond and concentrated supernatant contains a large number of scum and mud, viscous, poor fluidity, extremely easy to freeze.

Solution: above the sludge pool and concentrated pool installation sunshine board insulation cover, the principle is similar to the "agricultural greenhouse", ensure that the temperature in the pool is always maintained at 0 DEG C, effectively prevent the occurrence of surface icing phenomenon.

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