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Chongqing sludge can be incinerated with waste to generate electricity
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Sewage treatment plants produce large amounts of bacteria in the sludge, which used to be treated only by landfills. Recently, the reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Chongqing city shall be borne by the National 863 project "sludge and mixed garbage incineration technology developed a new incinerator, in the future, after treatment with sludge waste incineration power generation.

A lot of sludge treatment is a difficult problem

According to reports, the "sludge and municipal solid waste incineration technology" is a sub project undertaken by the Zhejiang University in the National 863 program. The main research of sludge drying technology Zhejiang University, mixed incineration technology research of sludge and garbage Vantaa Environment Industry Co., Ltd. Chongqing three peak card.

The large amount of sludge produced by sewage treatment plants has been the most difficult problem in the field of environmental protection." Deputy general manager of Chongqing three peak card Vantaa Environment Industry Co., Ltd. Wang Dingguo told reporters that in the past has been using these sludge landfill method not only takes a lot of land, but the smell is big, easy to cause pollution.

It was suggested that the sludge be dried, sterilized by sunlight, used as fertilizer, or made of brick and other building materials. "But the sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant is very high in moisture and contains a large amount of organic matter and bacteria. The sun is not dying, and it can not be directly utilized." He said that even if the direct landfill, the cost is not low, because the sludge moisture, drying needs to be able to landfill, and this drying equipment can only be imported at present, the cost is relatively high.

A new incinerator can burn sludge

How does sludge meet the incineration requirement? Wang Dingguo said, first of all, the sludge treatment, so that its water content dropped to less than 50%, and then mixed with domestic waste incineration.

The present waste incineration power generation equipment can not burn sludge." He said, the differences with the United States Chinese garbage garbage is relatively large, Chinese waste water and dust, the calorific value is low, mostly foreign equipment can not be used directly, so they made according to the characteristics of China garbage incinerator independent research and development.

According to reports, the company's own research and development of new incinerators, water content can be 50% of the sludge and garbage mixed burning. "In CO combustion, 15%~30% sludge can be added to the municipal solid waste." Wang Dingguo introduction, at present, they are still on the sludge and garbage mixed burning proportion of experiments, so as to find a proportion can achieve the best effect of incineration.

And domestic waste incineration can generate electricity

Sludge and waste produce heat when they are burned, which can be converted into electricity.

Wang Dingguo said that the company's garbage power generation equipment, sludge and living garbage can be burned at high temperatures while generating electricity, "a ton of garbage can be issued 300 degrees of electricity."."

He said that the sludge and garbage mixed, will shrink to 25% residue. So, can the residue be used again? He explained that, in accordance with the general method of waste incineration, residues in organic content is higher, can not meet the requirements of brick, building materials. "But our high temperature incineration technology, can make the hot residue reduction rate reached 3%, that is to say organic residue content is below 3%, so that you can reach the requirement of comprehensive utilization, used to make bricks are no problem."

Wang Dingguo introduced, "sludge and municipal solid waste mixed incineration technology" is currently processing 6 tons of municipal solid waste incineration test platform for pilot projects, 2014 project is expected to knot, 2015 will be put into construction. At present, there is no such mixed use equipment in china.

It is understood that the city is currently two Tongxing garbage power plant and abundance all by design and construction of the company, with in processing capacity of 1200 tons / day, rich in power generation capacity of 2400 tons / day, they can provide electricity for 300 thousand households.

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