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Optimum feasibility technology for sludge incineration
Release time:2017-7-7 15:58:23      Click on the number of times:416

The best available techniques for drying + incineration sludge in China currently recommended incineration, which drying process using indirect rotary drying process of flue gas preheating furnace is the best type of conventional sewage sludge incineration in circulating fluidized bed boiler furnace is better, and more content of heavy metals in sewage sludge incineration to exceed the standard for multiple hearth furnace good.

The key technology of equipment and facilities including sludge incineration: dryer, dry sludge storage, incinerator, flue gas treatment system, flue gas recirculation system, wastewater collection and treatment system, ash and fly ash collection processing system. At the same time, including sludge drying pretreatment and sludge incineration waste heat utilization facilities. Among them, pre dusting + acid gas removal technology and end dust removal technology +SCR system is one of the best feasible technologies for flue gas treatment.

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