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Cooperation agreement signed with the Thermal Engineering Research Institute of Zhejiang University (excerpt)

Thermal Engineering Research Institute of Zhejiang University (hereinafter referred to as Party A) is an important base of research and development of higher education in our country in the field of energy and environmental protection, build a clean energy engineering research center and the National Key Laboratory of coal water slurry state. Has undertaken and completed dozens of key national key projects, the national climbing program, the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, the Ministry of provincial scientific research projects and enterprise commissioned scientific research projects. Over the years, Party A has been committed to solid waste incineration technology research and development, has obtained 11 patents. The development of different re circulating fluidized bed waste sludge won national technology invention prize two and China outstanding patent award incineration technology, using the integration technology has been built more than 40 seats in MSW incineration, slime and sludge and other solid waste plant.

Xuzhou Sanyuan Environmental Engineering Company Limited (hereinafter called party b) is a professional engaged in solid conveying system, measurement control and sampling equipment research and development of specialized company. In order to strengthen the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, give full play to their respective advantages, both sides are willing to undertake the sludge transportation related equipment joint research and development, and in close cooperation, in order to adapt to the extremely broad market demand.

By mutual agreement, reached the following agreement:

1, in the technical aspects of joint development of large capacity sludge pumping equipment, Party A shall bear part of the sludge characteristics, the pumping process plan system demonstration and sludge conveying test and other aspects of the work, Party B will be liable for product design and manufacturing work sludge pumping equipment. The two sides are responsible for the confidentiality of the technologies involved in joint development and cooperation and can not be disclosed to the third party without permission.


6, the contract is valid for 20 years, after the expiration of the period can be renewed.

Six copies of this agreement, Party A and Party B three. The contract shall come into force upon the signing and sealing of the contract, and the matter shall be settled through consultation by both parties.